How many times do you buy real estate in your life? You want to turn your high savings that you have accumulated over a lifetime into a smart investment. The real estate market is however extremely complex, fragmented and subject to advanced official procedures. If you attempt to invest in real estate without expert support in this sector, you may be exposed to risks that are very difficult to compensate and miss valuable opportunities.

Our services consist of 2 main headings as "Consulting" and "Support Services"

Real Estate Consultancy Services

Turkish Citizenship by InvestmentLet us offer you a turnkey service in obtaining Turkish Citizenship.

>> End-to-end process management & title deed and passport delivery service
>> Choosing a property that is suitable for citizenship, with high returns, and that best suits your budget and needs
>> Managing all government office and bank transactions, including ministries

Purchasing ManagementLet us run the purchasing process for you.

>> End-to-end purchasing process management
>> Accommodation booking for investors
>> Support for financing and banking
>> Guidance and support in tax matters
>> Legal advice and support
>> Deed registration procedures

Legal TransactionsLet us solve all legal problems related to your real estate.

>> Conflicts with official authorities and contractors about the property you purchased
>> Legal disputes you have with your tenants
>> Tax disputes regarding your property
>> After-sales disputes with buyers

Market Analysis & ResearchLet us find the right investment alternatives for you.

>> Market analysis, research, screening and reporting
>> Information and reporting on the macroeconomic climate and global real estate markets
>> Finding the right options for you in line with your investment goals

Portfolio management and investment consolidationLet us monitor and protect your investment.

>> Keeping track of your investment portfolio
>> Facilitating property sales to consolidate investment
>> Reinvestment of funds

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