Digital Sales

Covid-19 pandemic mostly hit the cross-country travel. However, thanks to advanced digital technologies, distance is no longer an obstacle. By transforming new technologies into innovative services, AAL has developed a reliable "Digital Sales" service for you, without the hassle and expense of traveling.

What is Digital Sales?

It is the replication of all face-to-face purchasing transactions on digital channels thanks to the latest technologies.

What are the advantages?

  • Saves travel expenses and time

  • You can buy property even in times of travel restrictions

  • You can respond quickly to discounted and attractive investment opportunities that suddenly appear in the real estate market.

How does it work?

  • Fill in our free consultation form below or write to us via Whatsapp.

  • Our dedicated advisor arranges a video call session for you through Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Facetime, Teams or similar.

  • In the video call, our consultant understands your expectations and needs and chooses the appropriate properties in our portfolio that fit your budget.

  • Schedule appointments to show these exclusive properties onsite and live by video conferencing.

  • On the day of the appointment, our consultant answers your questions in the premises by showing the properties along with the surrounding settlement via video conference.

  • When you decide to buy the property you like, the seller signs the sales contract and reserves the property for you.

  • We will send you the contract to be signed with fast courier.

  • You only give a exclusive power of attorney for this purchase to our experienced lawyer. Our lawyer carries out the purchase of the property, the receipt of the title deed and the transfer of the sales price on your behalf.

  • If you also want to apply for Turkish citizenship together with this investment operations, our lawyer will follow up and finalize the process on your behalf, until you receive your passport.

  • He will ship you the original version of any document for your new property.

If you wish, we can offer you AAL Realty's unique post-sales support services. We follow all kinds of transactions regarding your property on your behalf. Click here to see details for our post-sales support services!

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