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AAL Realty is an international real estate brokerage and consulting company based in Istanbul, Turkey

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Acquisition Management

Acquisition Management - Let us handle the acquisition process for you.

  • Managing the acquisition process end-to-end
  • Arranging accommodation for investors
  • Support for financing & bank transactions
  • Support & Guidance on tax matters
  • Legal Advice & Support
  • Property registration

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The acquisition process involves a lot of technicality and legal aspects. Availability of accumulated old tax liability, the value of the property in the tax registry, the property tax declaration to the related municipality, availability of the freehold apartment ownership status are just some of them. If someone acquires a property, for instance, with a tax liability of the previous owner the new owner is equally responsible from the accumulated tax obligation. 

We are all coordinating the communication with the seller, preparing the documentation and required info, doing the application to the property registry, checking whether there is any limiting notes in the title registry of the property, etc.