Which Jobs are More Eligible for Foreigners in Turkey?


Turkey is one of the most unique and fascinating countries in the world. Istanbul, its largest city and most prefered for expats, has been one of the world's largest metropolises for thousands of years and is the only major city in the world sharing two continents.

Expats willing to work in Turkey need to have a good knowledge about available vacancies. Some jobs are both preferred by foreigners and stand out as more eligible than others.


Customer Service

Foreigners with fluent English are mostly employed in customer service. The main reason is the increase in the number of international businesses in Turkey. These businesses especially need customer service that can speak in their own language and help build good relationships with international customers. The widest employment opportunity in this field is in tourism agencies. The main task of foreign employees in customer service is to make phone calls and attend meetings with customers.


Foreign Language Teaching

Turkey has a large number of foreigners who work as a foreign language teacher. It is also important to take into account the aspirations of local people for foreign language learning. Foreign language teachers, who first entered the sector by giving private lessons, then prefer to work in language schools or private colleges. Foreigners who want to be successful in this profession are expected to have Turkish language knowledge in order to communicate effectively with students. The main foreign languages taught in Turkey are French, German, English, Spanish and Arabic.




Foreigners who can communicate well with babies are also in demand for the babysitting profession. Most high-income families in Turkey hire a nanny to help them raise their children. Some especially prefer nannies who can raise their children in a foreign language such as English, French or German. Therefore, foreigners who have good communication skills especially with children are employed in this profession. In addition to having very good monthly wages, accommodation opportunities are offered.


Editorial and Translation

Foreigners who are native speakers of English or one of the other common foreign languages ​​and who have good grammar knowledge can also work in editorial and translation professions. Accordingly, foreigners prefer to work as editors in publishing companies such as newspapers and media houses. Those with skills and discipline reach a recognized and respected editorial position within a few years. Those who do not want a permanent translation or editing jobs can have project-based jobs as freelancers.


Import-Export Expert

Foreigners with good selling and communication skills can easily find jobs in the sector of import and export, especially in marine and textile industries. Foreigners whose native language is English have the highest demand in these industries. As an import-export expert, your main task is to manage the company's international activities. Presentation and communication skills are required to be successful in this field. Finding a job in this sector is easy for foreigners with a good degree from a Top university.



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