Top 10 Reasons to Live in Turkey for Expats


Expats seeking a wonderful life have many reasons for choosing to live in Turkey: Turkey's geopolitical position and the natural, historical, and cultural richness. In addition, Turkey's improved transportation facilities, newly built bridges, airports, trade, enhanced tourism, conference tourism, and entertainment is an attractive country for foreign investors with his/her life.



1. Turkey has a successful and growing economy

The economy shows stable and continuous growth, Turkey and mega projects and sector dynamics in the real estate sector, creating new opportunities for investors, and it seems to provide added value will continue to increase its value in the future. Research based on data up to Turkey and the world's largest 18 economies with 2050 expected to take part in the world's top 15 economies.


2. Turkey has a central location

Turkey, Asia and between Europe has a unique strategic importance. From Turkey to Europe, Asia, Middle East has easy access to 1.7 billion customers in Africa. Turkey passport of one of the world's 55 popular passport.  You can travel to many countries without applying for a visa.

Foreign citizens have the right to visa-free stay in Turkey without a break for 2-3 months and resided in the state for permission conditions extremely facilitated. If you get a residence permit if you have property in Turkey is extremely easy.


3. Ease and advantages of being a Turkish citizen

It is possible for foreigners to become a Turkish citizen by purchasing real estate in a certain amount. With a regulation made in September 2018, foreign nationals can apply for Turkish citizenship for themselves and their families by acquiring a house in the amount of at least 250,000 USD or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira.


4. Turkey is located at the transition point of the climate

Turkey Located in the center of different civilizations, different activities simultaneously in different regions for the transition point where the climate allows to be made.

You can find fresh fruits and vegetables all year round in Turkey. Many kinds of fruits and vegetables grow in Turkey is an agricultural country. The fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices found in the street markets surprise the tourists. Also avocados in Turkey with the efforts of a temperate climate and farmers, kiwi, tropical fruits such as bananas grow.


5. An improved transportation infrastructure in Turkey

Passengers can travel to most destinations in a very short time thanks to more than 50 airports across the country. With the developed highways, it is extremely easy to reach the big cities by road.



6. Healthcare sector in Turkey is quite advanced

You can reach different kinds of medicines in an easy format that suits your needs in Turkey. Medical care at an extremely high level and quality of service in Turkey is comparable with European standards.

Turkey has developed a high level of medical tourism manages to be among Europe's most popular 10 countries. Medical centers with the latest system and modern equipment continue to be actively built throughout the country.


7. Mediterranean (especially Alanya), to invest in Turkey and is also one of the most suitable to live

Most days of the year are sunny in Alanya, where the Mediterranean climate is experienced. There are direct flights to 400 different destinations from Alanya, which is 3 hours away from Europe, and 22 direct transportation to the capitals within an hour. 10% of the population of Alanya, which attracts the attention of tourists with its friendly people, fun life, historical texture and natural beauties, consists of resident foreigners from 82 countries. If you want to buy an apartment for sale in Alanya and invest or live in this district with unique beauties, all you have to do is courage.


8. Turkey has one of the world's largest metropolises to Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most touristic and beautiful places in the world, even though it has a large urbanization and traffic problem. Istanbul is a place that connects Asia and Europe, where its modern parts are found, as well as its history.


9. Turkey is full of natural beauty

Wherever you live or travel, you will definitely see a natural beauty. Bosphorus of Istanbul, Kordon of Izmir or Antalya beaches ...


10. Turkey is a highly developed country in terms of industry

Also available in almost every province in Turkey huge industry is engaged to export to more than 50 percent of production and manufacturing. Therefore, it makes sense to start a business, the job opportunity is wide.



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