My Allowed Visa Expired While in Turkey. What should I Do now?


Turkish visa allows you to visit and stay in Turkey for up to 90 days within any 180-day period. Once the end of the visa validity period of 180 days or a maximum of 90 days that you are allowed to stay in Turkey approaches, many visa holders are tempted to stay for longer, time after time asking themselves: 


What happens if I overstay my Visa?

If you are being tempted to do such a situation, you should know the following facts:

First, an overstayed visa never goes unnoticed. Turkish immigration authorities have registered in their databases every person that enters and leaves the country, and every overstaying, even just for a day, is recorded.

Secondly, intentional or unintentional, no overstaying is left unpunished. It could be fine, immediate deportation, or even getting banned from entering the Schengen Zone for a specific amount of time.


Visa Violation and Overstaying in Turkey

Exceeding the duration and/or abusing the purpose of the visa or residence permit causes visa violation. In cases of visa violation, foreigners will be subject to administrative fines as well as might be barred to re-enter Turkey lawfully for a fixed term.

Administrative fine which depends on the origin of the foreign national is calculated as the double amount of existing permit fee charges. Some foreign nationals are required to pay a visa fee in addition to this fee calculated in case of illegal use. In case of visa violation and illegal stay, foreigners are banned from entering the country between 1 month and 5 years or indefinitely (an extremely rare occurrence), in addition to fines.

In order to find out the exact amount of administrative fine to be paid by foreigners who violate the visa, they should ask the visa violation offices at the border gates or airports. The number of fines and penalty fees to be applied in cases of visa violations is calculated in different ways depending on the country of citizenship of foreigners and the nature of their stay in the country in case of overstay.

The length of the entry ban approximately corresponds to the length of the overstayed period. In case of failing to pay imposed administrative fine, a foreign national might be deported and barred from entering Turkey for five years. In case of an overstay of fewer than 10 days, no entry ban will be imposed in accordance with Law no 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection.



What to do if your visa expires while you are in Turkey?

If you are already in Turkey when your visa expires and wish to stay in Turkey after the date specified on your visa, you must report it to the local police. Here it is possible to issue a visa extension. You can also apply for changing your travel purpose with the local police. For example, if you have a tourist visa and want to study or to work in Turkey. The requirements set for the extension or change of the purpose of travel depend on the nature of the change and the desired length of stay.

You can also apply to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Administration for a one-year short-term residence permit based on a specific purpose which involves proving your address with a rental contract and proof of sufficient and sustainable financial resources for the duration of stay in Turkey.


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