Living in Turkey as an Expat: 5 Useful Things to Know


Turkey has been all cultural and historical as well as the richness of its citizens and to the expat who wants to live in Turkey offers quality and a wide range of opportunities for other citizens. Among these possibilities; basic facts such as education, health, housing, nutrition and work come to the fore. 5 useful things you need to know the details and attention in Turkey, you will find this type of continuation.


1. Clarify In Which Position You Will Continue

Be sure to clarify which position you will take on in the country you are going to and which position you will continue when you return to your country when your expat status ends. In this way, you can both work more concentrated and enjoy the remaining parts of your expat without any question marks in your mind.


2. Join Expat Trainings

Before you go, you can prepare yourself by attending one of the expat trainings. In this way, you can be informed about the problems that may arise and you can easily overcome them. In addition, you will have complete information about expatriate.


3. Be Sure of Your Salary

First of all, you should clarify whether your salary will be in foreign currency. Then, make sure that the salary you will receive does not fall below the living standards of the country you are going to. Do not forget that you need to do a detailed research for this.



4. Consult Tax Experts

All your expenses may be covered by your company, but get a clear confirmation that your company will specifically pay income and housing tax. Will you pay it or your company will. Accordingly, you can request revision of your salary.


5. Practice Foreign Language

If necessary, you can of course also choose intensive courses until you go. The sooner you tackle the language issue, the easier it will be to handle everything you go.

Derived from the word expatriate meaning to migrate, expat is one of the most interesting professions of recent times. Described as an employee of a multinational company who is rotated outside of his/her own country, the expat starts a new life in the country he/she goes to. International companies can assign their employees to their offices in a different country, and all living expenses of the person (including school expenses if they have a child) are covered by the company in question. If you have such an opportunity, listen to our advice.



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