How to Learn Turkish quickly as a Foreigner in Turkey?

It is crucial to learn Turkish so that foreigners who have settled in Turkey can adapt to daily life and take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

Turkish is one of the most established languages ​​in the world. Turkish, which is of the most spoken languages, is easy to learn and consists of simple rules. Turkish, a member of the Ural-Altaic language family, is an agglutinative language.

Although there are compelling aspects in grammar, Turkish speaking language consists of straightforward rules, and Turkish words are elementary to pronounce.

In learning Turkish, first of all, examples, not rules, should be taken into account. The rule should be reached from the example, and thus, the permanence of every learned information should be ensured. (Today, it is a rule adopted in the world in foreign language teaching.)

It is essential to read written texts in Turkish education. Proverbs, idioms, and all symbolic meanings will be better grasped in this way. Repetition is critical in Turkish, and when you do not practice, Turkish is among the most quickly forgotten languages. Those who want to learn Turkish must know this first. Turkish is not a language that can be read as it is written.



Learning Turkish in the Digital World

Like many world languages, you can learn Turkish through the internet and mobile applications. Thanks to the mobile applications we have come across recently, there is an opportunity for education for every language to learn anywhere and anytime. There are many different mobile applications for learning Turkish. By downloading these applications to your devices, you can discover many Turkish words, sentence patterns, and grammar usage in daily life.

Since audio and visual teaching techniques are used in mobile applications, learning processes develop shorter and more successfully.

Applications that aim to teach Turkish in a short time with many different modern learning techniques such as fun content, video narration, interactive lessons, learning Turkish with games, reading, writing and listening activities can be a great starting point for those who want to learn Turkish.



Türkçe Öğretimi (Learn Turkish Online)

Turkish Learning application, implemented by Hasan Keremoğlu, is one of the most successful applications in learning Turkish. Turkish Teaching, which is the mobile application of the website, which offers many different articles and materials together, is a successful application in its easy use, being free of charge, and having other learning methods together.


Yunus Emre Institute

Yunus Emre Institute, which works to make Turkish a persuasive language globally and has made significant strides in this way, publishes all the lessons it publishes on its official website via the mobile application and provides easy access to everyone. Thanks to the application, you can also get information about the institute's events, lectures, and seminars.


Merhaba Umut (Hello Hope)

The Merhaba Umut (Hello Hope) application developed by Turkcell for Syrian refugees living in Turkey has been prepared to meet their basic language needs. In the application, which is an Arabic alphabet, there is a lot of information about the country, such as Turkish terms used in daily life, emergency numbers, important information, and practical studies on the Turkish language.



The Duolingo application, which is considered to be the best language learning program of recent times, provides education in 23 different languages. One of these languages ​​is Turkish. Creating a gradual training method on pronunciation, writing, and speaking practice, Duolingo is a free application that offers the opportunity to learn Turkish with fun games, competitions, and activities.




Having different Turkish education programs, both basic and advanced, Busuu is one of the few award-winning mobile applications in the world. Busuu is one of the most accurate mobile applications for those who want to learn Turkish with its easy-to-use, user-friendly interface, and simple lecture techniques.


Mondly in Turkish

Mondly is an excellent option for those who want to learn Turkish through English; It creates an education system that teaches Turkish by writing, speaking, and memorizing words. It increases the memorability with pictures and audio expressions and prioritizes the word and sentence patterns that will be very useful during the day.


Learning 6000 Turkish Words

As the name suggests, this mobile application is designed for word learning. In the application, which plans to teach 6000 Turkish words within a certain period, the most spoken words in Turkish have been selected. In addition, words are fed with visual and auditory materials, and their memorability is increased. Through association, many words and sentence patterns can be learned readily with this mobile application.


Turkish Word Game

Another application that will be as effective as mobile applications that teach Turkish and allow you to practice everywhere is the Turkish word game. The application, which offers a fun learning method, allows many synonyms and antonyms not to be grasped, and proverbs, idioms, and phrases can be understood more easily. It is also a good method for learning and practicing Turkish words.


Learning Turkish in Turkey

The best way to learn a new language is to go to that country. The most crucial point for those who would prefer Turkey to learn Turkish is to choose cities where pure Turkish is spoken and where there are no different dialects, dialects, and linguistic features. It will be the best decision for practicing Turkish to select cities with many dialects and dialect features, such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya, Eskisehir.


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