Expat Network in Istanbul: Where Foreigners Connect


The globalizing and rapidly changing business world brings diverse business opportunities. While working as an expat also offers many advantages to the employee in the recently developing business world, such assignments have become quite attractive and preferred. International companies can temporarily assign their employees in the countries they operate as expats in different countries in order to achieve their commercial goals and to ensure business continuity.

Write the start of the school year and by the end of autumn, many new foreign immigrants to try to live his life was when he came to Istanbul in Turkey. Fortunately, here in Istanbul there is a widespread and active immigrant community with a range of organizations and activities to suit everyone's interests.

With new expats coming to the city every day, we offer a guide on where to meet other strangers in the city, and they can also challenge yourself intellectually, pursue an artistic ambition, or enjoy a great meal.



Where Expats Connect

Expat network and expat communication can build with organizations such as Pop-up, Yabangee, InterNations, Tidy Turkey, Spoken Word.

There are two different pop-up dinner events frequented by members of Istanbul's immigrant community. Pop-up Dinners Istanbul is organized by a former Dutch-Singaporean restaurateur from his home in Cihangir.

Volunteer-based English website Yabang, activities lists, offering views and advice not only an invaluable resource for foreigners in Turkey, but also immigrants and global minded so much by hosting various events series serves as a community platform for local people.

The Istanbul leg of InterNations, the world's largest professional networking organization for expats, is surprisingly active and regularly hosts meetups at some of the hottest venues in the city. There are also a number of special interest groups for members who organize regular activities, such as children's playgroups, jogging and walking groups, a book club, and even a karaoke group.

Initiated by an immigrant from Turkey based in Istanbul Tidy and regularly gathered to collect garbage, thus ensuring that the environment and active, while there is also an organization meet new people.

Spoken Word Istanbul has a weekly English open microphone series and has been instrumental in the lives of many nomads. Every Tuesday night, Beyoğlu can take the stage for 6 minutes at Arsen Lüpen for the audience. It's a great opportunity to discover and share your talents and a fun event for the audience.


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