Essential Things to Know to Employ an English-speaking Babysitter in Turkey

One of the most critical needs of foreigners in Turkey is to find reliable babysitters who speak English. The babysitters, one of the most vital issues for working mothers today, should be professional in supporting their children's development and dealing with their physical needs. 

In infancy and early childhood, children are very open to learning. One of the most important topics here is their language learning abilities. Since babies are not born with a specific language, and their brains do not yet fit into particular patterns, the hearing part in their brains is much more sensitive than adults, and they can distinguish sounds and syllables much better. Your child's success in the later years is surprisingly related to what he or she has learned during this period. Especially when grammar is not used, it is very prone to atrophy. Complementary activities are vital in this regard.

If you are looking for a babysitter for your child, you should decide whether a Turkish worker or a foreign assistant would be an ideal choice for you. We recommend that you look at the advantages of working with a foreign babysitter. Before choosing a babysitter, it is helpful to clarify your needs and expectations from the person you will work with. Give your babysitter's job description; Is your only expectation for care, or do you want the person you will work with to take responsibility for issues such as housework and education? Do you need a residential or full-time babysitter? After determining the answers to such questions, it will be easier for you to decide for a foreign or Turkish babysitter.



Hiring foreign babysitters provides you many advantages.

Working with a foreign babysitter has many advantages. For example, in foreign language education, you can teach your child a second language more readily with a foreign babysitter; However, it is helpful to know the procedures for employing a foreign babysitter. In this way, you can work with a foreign babysitter for a long time without any problems.


You must obtain a residence and work permit to employ a foreign babysitter.

If you want to employ a foreign babysitter, you must first obtain a residence and work permit. After determining the person you will work with, you must initiate the necessary processes. Regarding the residence permit, to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Directorate of Immigration Administration, for the work permit; An application should be made to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.


Do you have the requirements for employing foreign babysitter?

The working areas of foreigners have been determined by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Foreign nationals can work as babysitters within the scope of home services in our country. For example, if you have a child under the age of 15, you can apply for a foreign babysitter.



Foreign babysitters look more warmly to boarding work.

Turkish babysitters accept to work part-time or full time. However, they mostly do not want to be boarded. Foreign employees, on the other hand, look more favorably on boarding work. Because their families and homes are away, the problem of finding accommodation when they work in a boarding house is eliminated.


You can get support from foreign babysitters in foreign language education.

Today, families are not only in the care of their children; They expect their babysitters to take responsibility in their education. It is a substantial plus to work with a foreign babysitter, especially in foreign language education. Constantly speaking a foreign language at home will play a prominent role in the child's second language learning. In language learning, the more a child hears that language, the faster it will learn. On the other hand, when you work with a foreign babysitter, you practice a second language.


Foreign persons do not care as a transition job to babysitting.

Foreigners come from their country to be a babysitter. For this reason, they do not consider it a temporary job and may work with you for a long time. Frequent babysitter change has adverse effects on your child's development, and the search for a babysitter is an exhausting process for you. On the other hand, if the person you receive care from is sick or is an elderly relative, they will also be worried about babysitter changes. You mustn't have any problems after choosing babysitters who do this job fondly and do not prevent them from working for a long time.



Personal traits babysitter must have

Certain personal characteristics must be possessed in order to be a babysitter. She/He must be a calm, patient and cheerful person who loves children and can communicate well. In addition, it is imperative to be clean and responsible. An unclean babysitter can harm a child's health. In recent years, working with foreign babysitters has been preferred in child care. If you are considering working with a foreign babysitter, you may need reliable references.


Pieces of training that babysitter should take

Babysitting is a job that requires responsibility. To do this profession, it is necessary to have knowledge and training on baby / child care. Otherwise, they may behave in behaviors that may negatively affect the child. Therefore, candidates who want to be a babysitter should receive babysitter training.

One of the topics of babysitter education is child development. If babysitter candidates know the basic features and developmental areas of child development; It can teach the child the fundamental healthy habits and help him in all development areas. In today's modern world, families looking for babysitters are not just looking for someone to take care of their care. Therefore, the person who will be a babysitter should attach great importance to child development and develop himself/herself by training. In addition, the babysitter candidate should also have detailed care information.



One of the crucial issues that candidates who want to do childcare business should be aware of is how communication should be with children. Children take someone from a young age as a role model, and the babysitter may be one of them. He can imitate what he does and try to speak the way he says. Therefore, the babysitter needs to know how to communicate with the child. 

Another essential issue is first aid training. Infants or young children may encounter various adverse situations during the day. He may fall from somewhere, vomit, or inadvertently throw something he should not have eaten in his mouth. In such cases, the babysitter should be able to resolve the situation in cold blood. To approach the child correctly in case of an emergency and eliminate the harmful problem, the babysitter must receive first aid training.

The play takes an important place in the lives of babies and children. He enjoys and learns with games. Therefore, it is very important to play games that will contribute to educational and mental development at an early age. The babysitter must be educated and knowledgeable about this issue. One of the features that families who say they are looking for a babysitter are paying attention to is whether the babysitter knows educational games or not.

One of the issues that should be included in babysitter training is nutrition. A balanced and regular diet is vital for the child's health. That's why; The babysitter should also know about child nutrition. 


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