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There are many ways to get Turkish Citizenship, such as buying real estate in Turkey, investing, marrying a Turkish citizen, employment, and instant birth in Turkey. Buying a real estate in Turkey, not only the investor, but also the suppose, children under eighteen, and disabled children regardless of age can obtain Turkish citizenship and have Turkish Passport.


Turkish Citizenship by Investing

The minimum amount required for applying for citizenship by buying real estate in Turkey was declared as $250.000. The most preferred type of investment is to purchase a property that worth at least $250.000. The process may take maximum 3-6 months after the investment.


Why Us?

We provide you real estate consulting service with our professional team. We share all the information about the property which considered to be invested, and create a safe investment path, pay regard to the needs of the investor. 

We will also provide legal services through a specialized and experienced team in dealing with all aspects of real estate transactions. We also provide you consultation for Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate in Turkey. We provide you legal advice.  Also, your transition processes will be followed up in relevant public bodies during performing procedures in the title deed registry during the purchase of the real estate, getting residence permissions from the Provincial Immigration Administration, accomplishing procedures in Civil Registration and Citizenship Directorate. Your happiness is our priority. We make getting a Turkish Passport easy!



After the purchase

To keep the citizenship, the real estate must not be sold for three years. Then, you can sell the real estate and keep citizenship. You are free to rent out real estate. If you rent out your property, you do not have to pay tax to the Turkish Government due to your foreign income. You just need to pay tax for the obtained interests from your deposits in Turkish Bank.

The thing you should know is once you have a property in Turkey, you ought to pay some taxes such as VAX, Title Deed Tax. The amount of the Title Deed Tax is around 4% from the sale of the property. In same cases, the tax is divided into 2. The seller and the buyer may share the tax as 2% - 2%.  When you own a property in Turkey, you should pay a yearly property tax to the tax office. Cities are divided into two categories as big and small cities. Taxes are calculated depending on the category and property type. It changes between %0.1 and %0.6


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