Can I Teach English in Turkey?


Turkey has a large number of expats who work as a foreign language teacher. It is also important to take into account the aspirations of local people for foreign language learning. Foreign language teachers, who first entered the sector by giving private lessons, then prefer to work in language schools or private colleges. Expats who want to be successful in this profession are expected to have a minimum of Turkish language knowledge in order to communicate effectively with students. The main foreign languages taught in Turkey are French, German, English, Spanish and Arabic. But the most importantly English

English is a highly sought-after skill, meaning there is plenty of room for English teachers to come to Turkey and share their knowledge as they expand their horizons. In order to teach English in Turkey you will need a TEFL/TESL or a CELTA certificate. Some language courses or schools may require prior teaching experience and/or a university degree. The average monthly salary for a teacher in Turkey is USD 500-1150, depending on qualifications and experience.


Which cities offer more job opportunities?

The most popular destination for teaching in Turkey is Istanbul, where tons of English teaching jobs for foreigners are available. It is the most comfortable place for an expat since it represents the meeting point between Europe and the Middle East and their cultures. You get all the wonderful benefits of immersing yourself in an entirely new culture, with the reassurance and familiarity of being in a Western city.

However, there are teaching jobs available in other cities in Turkey, including Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya. Coastal cities are particularly popular since they tend to be more quiet and relaxed than bigger cities.



How can you increase your eligibility for the job position?

Professional appearance in Turkey receives high ratings, so it would increase your chance to be a member of the English teaching community if you speak very well and appear good. In addition, you must show a genuine interest in hard work and a passion for teaching. By asking seemingly smart questions like "What is the most difficult thing for Turkish learners to grasp in English grammar?" or "What are the common pronunciation mistakes?", you will increase your chances immediately.

Warm greetings and manners are always important but this is especially true in Turkey. Be as friendly and professional as possible. Also, showing interest in Turkish culture and language would be highly appreciated.

If you can demonstrate that you have gained valuable experience in marketing or website design that might be of interest to Business English students or even to a company, this can help you to be one to overcome the problem of lack of teaching in this field.

Turkey has hundreds of ESL language schools literally anywhere and they have the highest level of demand for teachers. That's why language schools are the easiest places to find a job. However, there are many unscrupulous employers and a wide variety of salaries and conditions. If you have some experience and are happy to teach children, you will find better pay and longer holidays at one of the many private primary, secondary or high schools. Universities require higher level qualifications and ideally some experience in teaching at the university level. If you do not have a PhD or Master's degree in a particular subject you are considering teaching, most English teaching jobs at university level will be at prep schools.



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