Can Foreigners Buy Property in Turkey?


With its spectacular history, culture, nature, and climate, Turkey has always been a desirable destination for many expats. Turkey has made great strides to facilitate the purchase of property by foreigners in the last decade.Turkish citizenship is acquired by foreign nationals who buy real estate in Turkey for at least USD 250,000. The foreigner and his/her family will have the right to Turkish citizenship within 6 months.


According to the data of the Ministry of Interior, more than 7.000 people, most of whom are from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, China, and Yemen, have obtained Turkish Citizenship as of 2019.


Although pandemics, in 2020, to foreigners in Turkey were sold over 40,000 units of housing. Citizens of Iraq, Iran, Russia, and Afghanistan have been the leading people in these purchases.



Which nationalities can’t buy property in Turkey?


Almost all of the nationalities can buy property in Turkey. Out of 195 countries, only citizens of four countries, which are Syria, Armenia, North Korea, and Cuba people, can’t purchase and own Turkish property. A few nationalities like Iraqis, Iranians, and Palestinian need to get permission from the interior ministry.




What are the overall restrictions on buying property for foreigners?

The legal basis of foreign nationals buying a property in Turkey is based on the Land Law. By following the amendment in the Law, which entered into force in May 2012, the practice of seeking reciprocity in acquiring real estate by foreign real persons in Turkey has been abandoned. 

In addition to the relaxations for foreigners' property buying procedures, there are also some restrictions.

  • The total area of ​​the immovable to be purchased by a foreign person should not exceed 30 hectares. It is imperative to comply with this limitation, even if it is to be purchased from different cities.

  • Foreigners who want to buy property in Turkey must first get permission from the military authorities. If the property to be purchased is located within the security zone, it will not be sold. Therefore, the issue should be clarified before any payment is made.
  • Foreign nationals can buy property up to 10% of the total area of the administrative district where the property is located.

  • Properties that are not used for purchase and properties which are not notified to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism about building construction in the purchased property within 2 years may be liquidated by authorities.

  • The above-mentioned limitations do not apply to companies with legal personalities established in accordance with the laws of their own country.



General Information on Property Sales to Foreigners

A pre-application should be made to the land registry offices to purchase a property. It is necessary to get a sequence number for pre-application. For this, the phone number 181 can be called, the application can be made at

After the pre-application, buyers and sellers must apply to the land registry offices for the transfer procedures. In these applications, they are required to have some documents ready.

  • Valuation report prepared by CMB licensed real estate appraisal companies within 3 months,
  • Passport or identity document of the person who will acquire property,
  • The title deed of the real property,
  • Mandatory earthquake insurance for buildings,
  • Property Value Statement Document from the relevant municipality,
  • Photo of the seller and the buyer took within the last 6 months (1 of the seller, 2 of the buyer),
  • A Certified translator who does not speak Turkish and two witnesses for parties.
  • If the power of attorney is issued abroad, the original or certified copy of the power of attorney with its translation is required to be able to act with it.

You should find out whether there are any restrictions on the immovable property such as a mortgage, lien. For this, you can get the necessary information from the land registry office. 

You have the right to apply for a mortgage when buying real estate in Turkey. In order to apply for the loan, you must personally go to the bank and apply, or obtain a power of attorney that a lawyer affiliated with the bar or any person has received all their rights. 

In case of a dispute regarding the purchase and sale transactions, the incident must be brought to the judiciary and a lawsuit must be filed in Turkish courts regarding the incident.


Buying a property & residence permit

First of all, you don’t need a residency to buy property in Turkey. Meanwhile, foreigners who buy a property can get a residence permit provided that it is extended at certain time intervals. However, they also have the right to obtain a residence permit for their families and children of foreigners is possible for them to receive an education with the existing residence permit. 

For foreigners who want to acquire a property to request a residence permit, they must purchase the house and apply to the Turkish consulates in the country of residence or nationality, together with the original title deed. There is no requirement to obtain a residence permit before buying a house.



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