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Turkey has become the most preferred country for both investment and living by foreign nationals with its geographical location, hosting mega projects, cultural and social facilities, advanced architectural technologies, and luxury housing projects with easy payment plans. We summarize as follows the foremost things to adapt to daily life seamlessly after moving to Turkey.


Residence Permit and Work Permit

Foreign nationals can stay in Turkey for the duration of the visa or visa exemption applied to the country of origin by entering Turkey with a valid passport or a passport replacement document. However, foreigners who want to stay longer than the visa or visa exemption period must obtain a residence permit.

There are many types of residence permits depending on the purpose of arrival in Turkey, but with the new regulation, foreign nationals can acquire both Turkish citizenship and long-term residence permit by purchasing real estate in Turkey.

Employees and employers can apply for a work permit. Employee candidates who have a residence permit, a passport valid for at least 60 days, and a legal contract with the employer are entitled to obtain a temporary or indefinite work permit. The employer fills in all the necessary application forms and sends all documents to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Those living abroad can apply to the consulates in their own country. The job candidate can start working when the work permit application is approved. It is the employer's responsibility to arrange social security and tax payments.

The work permit is specific to the workplace. The work permit is canceled as soon as the foreign employee leaves the job. You can find more information about Turkey visas from the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.



Cost of Living

Undoubtedly, the cost of living in the country is an important factor that helps expats to settle here permanently. When the living standards and cost of living are compared, the country offers a high standard of living with low costs.


Turkish Lira

Currently, many foreign nationals who have pensions from their home countries lead a luxurious life thanks to the exchange rate difference between the Turkish lira and other currencies. If you have a pension or monthly income in any foreign currency and you are considering whether it is suitable for living in the country, you can consider the changing exchange rate.


Turkish Language

Turkish, which is on the list of the most spoken languages, is easy to learn and consists of simple rules. Turkish, a member of the Ural-Altaic language family, is an agglutinative language.

Although there are compelling aspects in terms of grammar, Turkish street language consists of very simple rules and Turkish words are extremely easy to pronounce.

Like many world languages, you can learn Turkish through the internet and mobile applications, but the best way to learn a new language is to go to that country.


Intercity travel in Turkey

There are many alternatives for intercity travel in Turkey. Especially road and air transportation is quite common but sea road and rail are among other options you can consider.

It is possible to reach all the cities of the country with the latest model luxury buses that you cannot see in any country of the world. Likewise, you can travel to every corner of the country by plane through 55 airports in the country. In other words, the country is a country with many alternatives in terms of intercity transportation. You can travel to any city you want by choosing the most suitable one for you.



Foreign nationals traveling between cities in Turkey must definitely carry their passports with them. Since your passport replaces your identity when you are in a foreign country, it is very important to avoid any difficulties in possible security checks.



Can foreigners buy a car in Turkey?

As is known, Turkey’s automobile market has been growing in recent years. It is possible to buy new model vehicles of various brands from dealerships, automobile markets, and auto shows. In addition, used cars in the second-hand market can be accessed online and through newspaper advertisements.

In order to purchase a car in Turkey, a foreigner must first have a valid residence permit. Vehicle registration procedures and documents required by foreigners when purchasing a new car are the same as Turkish citizens. However, a vehicle registered on foreign nationals is given a license plate from the MA / MZ group.


Can foreigners buy property in Turkey?

Foreign nationals have the right to own a house in Turkey, in case of the fact that legal restrictions are followed. Citizenship for buying a house is for foreign nationals who buy real estate in Turkey for at least USD 250,000. The foreigner and his/her family will have the right to Turkish citizenship within 6 months.


Can foreigners get married in Turkey?

According to the Turkish Marriage Law and regulations, a Turkish citizen and a foreign national or two foreigners of two different genders can marry each other and this process is carried out only by Turkish authorities. It is possible for two foreigners of the same nationality to marry in their country's embassy or consulate offices or in Turkish Marriage Offices at municipalities. Two different foreign nationals cannot get married in Turkey. It should be noted that other types of marriage than civil marriage, eg. Religious marriage in accordance with beliefs, are illegal and not recognized by the state.

The best and most beautiful aspect of getting married in Turkey is that couples can start their honeymoon by reaching the nearest holiday facilities in a very short time without wasting any time right after the wedding. Maybe a private tour or a cruise in the Aegean can be one of the honeymoon options.



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