What is a Permanent Work Permit? What is the Turquoise Card?



Unless otherwise specified in bilateral or multilateral agreements to which Turkey is a party, foreigners who have been legally and uninterruptedly resident in Turkey for at least 8 years and have worked legally for at least 6 years can be granted a permanent work permit.

Without taking into account the situation in the domestic market and developments in business life, foreigners can be granted a permanent work permit without any business, profession, or geographical area limit.

The duration of education is not taken into account when evaluating the foreigner's requirement to reside in Turkey legally and uninterruptedly for at least 8 years. On the other hand, the duration of education of the foreigner's spouse and children who come to Turkey and reside in Turkey is considered as the duration of residence.

In order to prove that the foreigner has worked legally in Turkey for at least 6 years, he must submit a document from the relevant institutions. This document is submitted to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security when applying for a permanent work permit.

A foreigner who has obtained a permanent work permit must notify the Ministry of Family, Labour, and Social Services within 15 days in case of a change in his workplace or workplace address. But there is another chance of obtaining a permanent residence permit.



What is Turquoise Card?

In 2017, the "Turquoise Card”, which grants permanent work and residence permits to foreigners, came into effect. Conditions such as education level, salary, professional knowledge, work experience, contribution to science and technology are sought for people who will have a Turquoise Card.

Turquoise Card, which grants the right to work and reside in Turkey for an indefinite period of time, and the right to reside in the relatives of the person, can be given to the following persons:

  • Foreigners who are considered to be a highly qualified workforce in terms of their qualifications such as education level, salary, professional knowledge, work experience, contribution to science and technology.
  • Highly qualified foreign investors in terms of investment and export level, the size of the employment they will provide, their contribution to scientific and technological developments, and similar characteristics

  • Foreign scientists and researchers who can contribute to the interests of Turkey internationally in the fields of science, industry, and technology

  • Foreigners who contribute to the cultural, artistic, and sportive aspects of Turkey and Turkish culture internationally, and operate at the international level in relation to the interests of Turkey.


How to Apply for the Turquoise Card?

Turquoise Card applications are made directly in the country, through the system, abroad through the Turkish foreign representative office in the country where the foreigner is a citizen or legal resident. Documents regarding the application made from abroad are transmitted electronically to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security by the Turkish Foreign Representative Office.

Foreigners who are legally in Turkey can apply directly on the internet with their foreigner identification number from within the country.

In addition to these, the Turquoise Card application can also be made by an authorized brokerage house on behalf of the foreigner in Turkey or abroad.



Which Documents are Required for Turquoise Card Application? 

  • Application form

  • Copy of the foreigner's passport or a document substituting a passport

  • Certificate of conformity obtained from the relevant public institution and organization, if any

  • Documents showing diploma, background, professional experiences of the foreigner who is considered as a qualified workforce, official documents showing other languages ​​they know other than their mother tongue

  • Documents showing the size and quality of the investment to be made by the foreigner who is considered as a qualified investor, and the regions and sectors in which they operate.

  • The diploma of the foreigner who is evaluated as a scientist and researcher, a document showing his academic career and title, his license and patent information, and academic studies

  • Documents showing that foreigners engaged in cultural, artistic, and sports activities are successful

  • Documents regarding the activities carried out by foreigners who can contribute to the promotion of Turkey at the international level should be uploaded to the system during the application.


Other Things to Know About Permanent Work Permit

The situations that require the cancellation of the permanent work permit are the same as the situations that require the cancellation of the permanent residence permit. The work permit is canceled if a foreigner staying in Turkey is outside the country for more than one uninterrupted year other than the reasons of health, education, and compulsory public service in his/her home country.

If the foreigner poses a serious threat to public order and security, the canceled residence permit cannot be re-applied.



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