What are the Most Common Reasons for Foreigners to Be Deported?

In its most basic sense, the word deport is defined as a deportation decision and an entry ban to Turkey given against a foreigner for various reasons. Foreigners staying within the borders of the Republic of Turkey for different purposes can be deported for some reasons such as visa violations, illegal activities, working without a work permit, etc. Among the most common reasons for deportation are residence permit and visa violations, unlawful work, and moral crimes. Deportation decision in Turkey is made by the Ministry of Interior. In this article, we will briefly talk about the most common reasons for the deportation of foreigners.



The Most Frequent Reasons for Deportation of Foreigners

First, it should be reminded that foreigners can only be deported when the situations and situations determined by the laws occur. Briefly, we can list the reasons why foreigners are deported as follows:

  • Illegal (without a work permit) work,
  • Not leaving Turkey despite the expiry of the visa,
  • Failure to extend the residence permit despite the expiration of the residence permit,
  • Performing fake marriage transactions,
  • Engaging in unethical behavior within the borders of the country,
  • Committing crimes within the boundaries of the country, being a member of terrorist organizations,
  • Having entered Turkey using illegal or forged documents,
  • Threatening public health or engaging in acts that disrupt public order,


Deportation Decision and Order to Leave Turkey

Suppose foreigners with a finalized deportation decision are not due to certain crimes but to relatively simple violations (not extending residence permit, etc.). In that case, these people are given a 15-day invitation to leave. The invitation to leave can be extended up to a maximum of 30 days. However, this period is not applied to foreigners who are suspected of escaping, who enter or leave illegally, or who may endanger public order. Appreciation in this regard is found in law enforcement. If there are severe doubts that the foreigner will leave the country within the specified period, these foreigners are sent to the Removal Center.


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