How to Drive in Turkey as a Tourist?


Driving in Turkey is a fabulous way to see a vast country offering varied landscapes and attractions. Driving may sometimes be the most comfortable transportation option to travel around.


Conditions for the Foreign Driver's License to be Valid in Turkey

There is no special requirement for a foreign driver's license to be valid in Turkey in Turkish law. Therefore, as a general rule, all foreign driving licenses are valid.

However, according to international agreements signed by the country and many other countries, your driver's license must also have a photo and be written in the Latin alphabet.

Your driver's license must have at least an English translation. If your driver's license is not written in the Latin alphabet, you can still use it. In this case, you should get a notarized translation of your driver's license from the Turkish consulate or notary in any Turkish city. International Driver License is also accepted in Turkey.



How long can you drive in Turkey with a foreign driver's license?

Tourists or any foreign or even Turkish citizens can use their foreign driving license for up to 6 months after you enter the country. You have to change your driving license with a Turkish Driving License at the end of six months.

Turkish citizens with a foreign driver's license can use their driving license for up to 2 years without Turkish permission. However, the driver's license must be translated with a notary approval or Turkish consulate after six months of entry to Turkey.


What documents do you need to drive a car in Turkey?

Turkish citizens are obliged to carry their ID cards with them all the time in case of police controls, and all foreigners, including tourists, are expected to take their passports or residence permits with them. The valid ID of any foreigner is their Passport or Turkish Residence Permit. Carrying a passport is particularly important as a driving license is valid for six months starting from the entry date stamped to your passport.

If you entered Turkey with your ID card, you should carry documents given to you when entering Turkey and demonstrating your entry date.



Can foreigners buy a car in Turkey?

As is known, Turkey's automobile market has been growing in recent years. As a result, it is possible to buy new model vehicles of various brands from dealerships, automobile markets, and auto shows. In addition, used cars in the second-hand market can be accessed online and through newspaper advertisements.

To purchase a car in Turkey, a foreigner must first have a valid residence permit. Vehicle registration procedures and documents required by foreigners when buying a new vehicle are the same as Turkish citizens. However, a car registered on foreign nationals is given a license plate from the MA / MZ group.



Can foreigners rent a car in Turkey?

While Turkish citizens can benefit from car rental in Turkey, foreign nationals can also help. However, there are some procedures that people with foreign driving licenses must follow to drive in Turkey. They should also pay attention to these procedures and pay attention to the content of the contract they sign. An important point to be known is that regardless of the person's nationality, the agreement's language must be English, which is an international language.


Things Foreign Nationals Should Consider When Renting A Car

When foreign nationals rent a car, they must have a Turkey stamp in their passport, and their passports and driver's licenses must be with them at the time of signing the contract.

Other points to be considered are as follows:

  • The language of the contract in which the rental is made should be English,
  • The person who will rent the vehicle is over the age of 21,
  • If A, B, F group vehicles are to be rented, having a driver's license for at least one year,
  • The entry stamp of the time he entered Turkey must be in his passport,
  • For payment and deposit transactions, they must have at least one credit card that can be valid in Turkey.



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