How can Foreign Spouses Benefit from Health Insurance in Turkey?


The number of foreigners residing in Turkey has increased significantly in recent years, especially with investment incentives. In general, citizens from the Gulf countries, Central Asia, and some African countries preferred Turkey to invest and work. The increase in foreign investments in the country and the number of foreigners living followed the rising trend. In addition, there are many questions about the health insurance of people who are married to Turkish citizens but do not have citizenship. Therefore, this article will share some details about how foreign spouses can benefit from health insurance in Turkey.



What Conditions Should Foreigner Spouses Provide?

Should the Turkish citizen spouse meet the conditions to benefit from health services, his foreign national spouse can also benefit from health rights in Turkey. Again, as a fundamental condition, the foreign spouse must make a commitment stating that he does not benefit from the health services of the foreign country and prove this with an official letter from his country. It is helpful to consider that the Turkish authorities may request a notarized sworn translation of this letter. 

As a general rule, if the Turkish citizen spouse has social security such as SSK (4/a), Bağkur (4/b), Retirement Fund (4/c), or is retired, their foreign spouse can benefit from health services in Turkey. The only condition of this situation is not to benefit from foreign country health services and to have a valid residence permit.


How to Apply?

For the spouses of foreign nationals to benefit from health insurance, they can apply to the Provincial Directorates of Social Security or Social Security Centers and submit their current residence permit documents, an official letter stating that they do not benefit from foreign health services (and its notarized translation) and the Turkish identity numbers provided for foreign nationals. 

Foreign spouses can request an official document stating that they do not benefit from foreign health services from the consulates of their own countries in Turkey or the authorized institutions in their own countries. We strongly recommend that you call the Provincial Directorate of Social Security in your city before your application and confirm whether there is a need for a notarized translation for this document. After completing your application, you can check your current health services utilization status via E-Government or E-Nabız systems.



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