How can easily I Get a Permanent Residency in Turkey?


Turkey, where the cost of living is quite low in comparison with European countries, has made good progress especially in the last years in terms of quality of life. The Turkish people’s hospitality also accelerates the adaptation process of foreigners to the country.

According to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Turkey, visitors with a purpose of tourism can not stay for more than 90 days in Turkey. Visitors without Turkish citizenship must obtain a residence permit in order to stay longer than 90 days. This includes students, employees, foreigners marrying Turkish citizens who have not yet obtained citizenship, scientific research and foreigner property owners.

So, those who wish to reside and stay longer than 90 days are required to have a residence permit

The duration of residence permit in Turkey ranges from six months to five years. Six-month residence visa is mainly given to seasonal workers. Those who want to reside for a longer period can obtain a 1-2-year residence permit first, and this period may extend to five years when the visa is due for renewal. Depending on the purpose of visiting Turkey, there are many types of residence permit. With the new regulation, foreign nationals can acquire both Turkish citizenship and long-term residence permit by purchasing real estate in our country.



What are the Advantages of Buying Real Estate for Residence Permit?

  • The deed of real estate is the most important factor in renewal of residence permit and the key to being a Turkish citizen.
  • One of the individuals who have a family home in Turkey (if the husband or wife) get a residence permit, the remaining members of the family (except for children over the age of 18) would automatically have the same rights.
  • Residence permit obtained with a lease contract or rental agreement is a tourist visa and gives no right to obtain citizenship.
  • Foreigners who own real estate in Turkey will have a right to apply for Turkish citizenship after 5 years, he/she does not need to make a visa extension process with a lease agreement.


Conditions Required for residence permit in Turkey

According to the residence permit procedure, you must first apply online to the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM). In order to make an appointment at the nearest DGMM office, you must fill in the online form in which you will share all your required information. When you fill in the form, the system will direct you to the nearest DGMM office and give you an appointment. The amount required for the residence permit payment may vary depending on the residence time you apply for. The system will calculate the correct amount for you. You can also inquire about the residence permit through the online system.

 The documents required for the residence permit application are as follows:

  • Residence permit application form,
  • Original and photocopy of the passport or replacement document,
  • Four passport photos,
  • Statement that you have sufficient and regular financial opportunities during your stay,
  • Submission of the previous residence permit document,
  • Valid health insurance, bilateral social document on how you can benefit from health services in Turkey within the scope of contracts,
  • Document provision taken from the Social Security Agency, confirming the application to be made universal health insurance to Social Security, private health insurance.

If these documents are received from Turkish authorities, they must be e-signed / signed and stamped / sealed, if they are obtained from abroad, they must be legalized and their Turkish translation must be notarized. In case of being a citizen of a country that is not a party to the Apostille agreement, the documents in question must be approved by the authorities of the relevant country (consular approval and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or authorized Turkish authorities in this regard).



Residence Permit by Purchasing Real Estate in Turkey

In order to apply for this type of residence permit, the real estate must be a residence. With the decisions published in the Official Gazette dated 19.09.2018 and 07.12.2018, some regulations were made regarding the relaxation of obtaining Turkish citizenship with this type of resident permit. Foreigners buying property in Turkey both have the right to get Turkish passports and to obtain Turkish citizenship.

To qualify for Turkish citizenship, an applicant must meet any of the following conditions;

  • To invest at least USD 500,000 in any Turkish bank, Government Bonds or real estate investment funds (REIT) for 3 years
  • To purchase real estate worth at least 250,000 USD, provided that it does not sell for 3 years. The source of mutual funds must be self-financed and paid in full. (No bank financing or credit is allowed under this category.)
  • To create employment for at least 50 employees, to provide social security for all employees, to maintain workflow and social security payments of employees for a minimum of 3 years.


Long-Term Residence Permit

Foreign nationals who have lived a certain time in Turkey may apply for this type of residence permit if they fulfill the following conditions:

At least 8 years of continuous living in Turkey. Short-term absentee of 6 months is allowed.

Those who have not received any financial support from the Turkish Government in the last 3 years.

Those with valid private health insurance

Those who have no criminal record or that pose no threat to the public.

Turkey's demographic characteristics and economic profile enable those who want to start a business in the country and want to invest in real estate to consider Turkey as one of their first choices. For this reason, more and more foreign investors are demanding real estate investments every year.



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