Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Turkish Citizenship by Investment


Turkey is one of the most attractive countries in the world in terms of gaining citizenship through investment. Becoming a Turkish citizen by purchasing real estate is extremely easy and fast. Many questions are waiting to be answered in the minds of foreigners who want to benefit from the advantages of being a Turkish citizen.


You can find the answers to foreigners' most frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Turkish Citizenship by Investment here.


Before reading the questions below, we recommend that you read the questions at the end of the Turkish Citizenship by Investment page. Below are answers to questions that correspond to more specific situations.



Question: I have title deeds corresponding to 250 thousand dollars, which were obtained before the regulation of Turkish citizenship by investment. Can I apply for citizenship?


No, for immovables purchased between 12.01.2017-18.09.2018 to apply for citizenship, the value of the immovable is at least 1,000,000;

for the date of 19.09.2018 and after, the real estate value must be at least 250.000 USD.


Question: I want to become a Turkish citizen by investing in real estate in Turkey. The cost of the house I will buy is around 200 thousand dollars. Can I show it for 250 thousand dollars in the title deed and apply for citizenship?


No, when determining the price of the real estate, a real estate valuation report showing the market value and approved by the valuation institution operating within the scope of the Free Market Board (CMB) is sought. The date of issue of the valuation report submitted during the application for Turkish citizenship must be at most three months before the application date. The valuation report in question will be considered valid until the transaction is completed. Suppose a request is made for immovables whose acquisition process has been completed. In that case, an immovable valuation report prepared based on the immovable(s) acquisition date is requested.


Question: I bought my real estate for 250 thousand dollars after the law was passed, but the appraisal value is higher. Can I apply for citizenship?


No, the sales price in the title deed cannot be lower than the price in the valuation report. The value of the immovable(s) in US Dollars is calculated based on the effective selling rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey on the date of the transaction. (If it has not been announced yet on the transaction date, the previous day's effective sales rate is taken as a basis.) For real estates whose acquisition period has been completed, the price included in the official deed and valuation report must be above the amounts determined in the Turkish citizenship regulation.


Question: An acquaintance of mine will transfer his real estate worth 250 thousand dollars to me. Can I apply for citizenship in this way?


For new applications to be made for Turkish citizenship, the transfer of the sales price should be encouraged with bank receipts that the amount is released from the buyer's account and deposited into the seller's account.



Question: We have previously purchased real estate. If I transfer these real estates to my wife, is it possible to become a Turkish citizen as a family?


No, in this context, the immovables subject to the acquisition are not registered in the name of any real foreign person, including the spouse or children of the person; The person should not be one of the immovables transferred by himself, his wife or children after 12.01.2017.


Question: I bought real estate of 250 thousand dollars with a bank loan. Is it possible to apply for citizenship with this deed?


In cases where the immovable property to be acquired is subject to a mortgage or is purchased with a mortgage, the remaining portion is considered in determining the sought value by deducting the mortgage value. 


Question: I took over the sale of the 250 thousand dollars real estate from the title deed office, but I did not have an annotation put on the title deed because I did not know, what should I do in this case?


In other words, if there is a demand on immovables whose acquisition process has been completed; If the investor has requested the registration of the relevant declaration on the immovables acquired after 12.01.2017 and which do not have an annotation provision in the official certificates, a registration request document is issued by the applied land registry directorate, and necessary indications are made in the declarations section of the relevant immovables.


Question: If I meet all the requirements, will I become a citizen?


Legal authorities in Turkey examine each investment as a separate file and conclude it depending on the security investigation. As AAL, we would like to state that all the applications we have made on behalf of our customers have been positive.


Question: What should we do for my children over the age of 18 to become Turkish citizens?


All the processes you follow when you become a citizen will be in question for them as well.


Question: I have a disabled child over the age of 18. Can I become a citizen during my citizenship process?


It is possible. You must certify that your child needs your care and supervision through documents from competent authorities.



Question: Do I have to give up the citizenship of my own country / other countries to become a citizen of Turkey?


There is no restriction for this in the laws of the Republic of Turkey. It is possible to be a dual citizen.


Question: Do I have to do military service when I become a citizen?


If you are over the age of 21 when you become a citizen, you are exempt from military service. If there are children under the age of 18 in your family when you become a citizen, military service is mandatory for them when the time comes.


Question: Can I apply for citizenship with the property I bought from a person who owns a property in Turkey but is not a citizen?


No. The property you buy must be in Turkey and it must be real estate registered on a person who is a Turkish citizen or on a Turkish company.


Question: Can Syrian citizens acquire Turkish citizenship through real estate investment?


No. There is a special exception in the law for Syrian citizens. They cannot become Turkish citizens through real estate investment. However, it is possible to become a Turkish citizen through the other 5 options specified in the law. Read more on Turkish Citizenship by investment to learn these 5 options.


Question: I am a citizen of both Syria and another country. In this case, can I become a citizen through real estate investment?




Question: I am a citizen of a country other than Syria. My wife is a Syrian citizen. If I apply for citizenship through real estate investment, can my spouse also benefit from it?


Yes, your spouse also becomes a citizen with you. Since the application process is completed through you, it doesn't matter which country your spouse and children under the age of 18 come from. However, we recommend that you carry out this process, which requires detailed legal knowledge and unique experience, with consultant companies such as AAL Realty.


Question: Can I register a property for my spouse, children, or someone else? Or is it possible to register on more than one person?


For whom the citizenship is taken, the title deed registration of the property should be on that person. The person transferring the property value from the bank to the seller's account must also be named in the title deed. In the purchase of property for citizenship, the property can only be on one person.


When you become a citizen, your spouse and children under 18 automatically acquire citizenship within the same application process without making any additional investments.


Question: Do I need to come to Turkey to buy a property?


No. By giving a power of attorney, AAL Realty Consultants will follow all your transactions from start to finish.


Question: I will give a power of attorney to an agent/person in Turkey. The Turkish consulate is quite far from where I am. What should I do?


Apostille is a document approval system that ensures the authenticity of a document and its legal use in another country. The rules of the Apostille were determined by the Hague Convention of 6 October 1961. Apostille rules are valid only between states that are members or parties to the Hague Conference. Turkey is one of the members. Apostille certified document is accepted as a valid document in all member and party states of The Hague Conference. Suppose your country of residence is a member of this The Hague conference. In that case, it will be sufficient to apply to the nearest official authority and issue a power of attorney with Apostille and send it to the person who will follow your citizenship process in Turkey by courier.


Question: How can I find real estate suitable for Turkish Citizenship?


As AAL Realty, we have a specially selected, high-quality real estate portfolio suitable for Turkish Citizenship, with a high return potential compared to its peers. If you work with our experienced experts, you will witness that all transactions are completed in an error-free and safe manner without stress and anxiety throughout the entire process.


Question: How can I check a property's eligibility for citizenship?


An authorized Valuation Company must appraise the real estate, and the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate must approve it. In addition, there are specific rules and limitations regarding the previous owners of the real estate. Therefore, we recommend that you seek support from a real estate consultant before applying for the Turkish citizenship process.



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