Essential Things to Know Before Having Plastic Surgery in Turkey as a Foreigner

If you watch Turkish television channels, the most common things you see are 'all inclusive' hospital advertisements. So much so that a person may come ill. Of course, this is a joke. In the last 10 years, Turkey has become one of the most critical countries globally in aesthetic tourism, hair transplantation and dental treatment, botox, breast aesthetics, liposuction, and many more.



Some Statistical Figures


Google data confirms this significant success. The first of the most frequently asked questions about plastic surgery is "How much are the prices of plastic surgery in Turkey?". Another question is about whether plastic surgery is good in Turkey. Important references on this subject reveal that plastic and aesthetic surgery in our country is at a level that can compete with the world. Of course, one of the things that everyone wonders the most is why plastic surgery is cheaper in Turkey compared to other countries in the world. In this regard, it is stated that due to the low cost of operations in Turkey, the operations are cheaper than in Europe, and despite this, services can be obtained from experienced plastic surgeons.


Statistics also confirm this fact, which is proven by Google trends. Having a market share of 2 billion Euros according to 2018 figures, the Turkish aesthetics industry continued its momentum in the past year as well. But first, let's look at world data.


According to the data of the International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), 11 million 363 thousand 569 plastic surgery operations and 13 million 618 thousand 735 non-surgical aesthetic operations were performed in the world in 2019. ISAPS found that total operations increased by 7.4 percent, surgical operations by 7.2 percent, and non-surgical procedures by 7.6 percent in 2019 compared to last year.




Turkey ranks 7th in the world


Turkey ranks seventh in the world aesthetic tourism pie after America, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Italy, and Germany. According to 2019 data, 754 thousand 392 surgical and non-surgical aesthetic operations were performed in Turkey. Of this, 351 thousand 930 operations required surgical procedures and 402 thousand 462 non-surgical operations.


Of the plastic surgery operations performed in Turkey in 2019, 161,298 were performed on the face and head, 84,231 on different body parts, 72 thousand on the breasts, and 3,496 on the eyelids. The rest were determined as procedures such as liposuction, fat grafting. The most common application without surgery was botox; botox approached 200 thousand in 2019, reaching 199 thousand 506. Botox was followed by skincare, hair removal, and laser applications.


Even the vast majority of those who raise these statistics come to Turkey for health tourism. Thousands of people from different European countries, the Middle East, and Russia entrust themselves to experienced Turkish physicians.



Happy Clients


Independent reports that Julie Dalzel is one of those who came to Turkey from England to perform breast surgery. Her friends had the same surgery in Turkey and were satisfied to bring her to Turkey. She has had gastric liposuction as well as breast surgery. She says that the costs of the two surgeries are meager compared to the UK, which strengthens her desire to come to Turkey.


Mary O'Brien, 65, had a long unhealthy period due to the hormonal imbalance she experienced at 41. The most critical side effect of the hormones was that her breasts grew by almost 10 sizes. However, she had neither income nor private insurance to cover the cost of surgery in England. She had heard about the aesthetic industry in Turkey from her daughter. Her daughter also came to Turkey for other plastic surgery operations and left very satisfied. She came to Turkey to reduce her breasts with the confidence she received from her; now she is living a comfortable life with her new body.





Why do they choose Turkey?


Foreign patients especially attach great importance to physical experiences and references. The fact that there are many experienced plastic surgery specialists trained in the field of plastic surgery in Turkey, these plastic surgeons have proven themselves in the international arena, announced and promoted well in the academic environment and social media, especially the equipment and quality of private hospitals in Turkey, the establishment of foreign contact offices of these hospitals.


The ability to perform plastic surgery operations with more affordable budgets than European countries and Turkey's touristic attractiveness has made Turkey one of the star health tourism countries. In the past years, patients flocked to the USA and Europe, but today Turkey leads the way in this sector for the reasons mentioned above.


Today, foreigners can receive other services from companies related to the sector. These are:


●  Choosing the right clinic and doctor

●  Booking an appointment

●  Organizing transfers

●  Assistance in the purchase and transfer of medicines

●  Communication with the doctor

●  Hiring translator


People who prefer Turkey for medical and beauty tourism simultaneously find the opportunity to experience Turkey's unique tourism values. The country is one of the most demanding countries in the world in the field of plastic surgery.


It is also practical that Turkish physicians are knowledgeable and experienced people at world standards. In addition to these physicians, there are also many clinics and centers specialized in plastic surgery in Turkey. If we consider the advantage of the value of the Turkish Lira against the dollar and the euro, Turkey becomes one of the most important centers of plastic surgery.


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